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Adoption Program

The mission of Walton Animal Guild is to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets in Walton County, GA. WAG is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue. All donations are tax deductible as the law allows. 

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We're Making a Difference

Over 1,000 animals rescued since our 2007 beginning

Our pet food pantry has fed hundreds of local needy pets.

    Low-income spay/neuter
subsidies to hundreds of
Walton County families.

How does Walton Animal Guild achieve its mission?

  • Spay/neuter programs lower the number of unwanted pets born and turned into shelters each year.
  • Owner support programs like the pet food pantry help pets stay in their homes during tough economic times
  • Education spreads messages of care and humane treatment of pets, promoting compassion and empathy.
  • Rescue and adoption gives homeless pets another chance at love and life.

Walton Animal Guild rescues dogs and cats from our local animal shelter, Walton County Animal Control. We then place the pet with one of our foster families until a permanent home can be found. While in the foster home, the pet is socialized (often with other pets in the home), given proper food, medical attention and lots of love to get him ready for his permanent home.

WAG holds adoption days at local Petsmart stores on Saturdays from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. to give our foster pets a chance to find their forever families. Potential adopters fill out an adoption application and speak with our Foster Coordinator. If approved, adopters pay the adoption fee and can take home their new dog or cat.

Please be assured that adoption fees help cover the cost of vetting and food for the foster pet (often, veterinary expenses may be more than the adoption fee). WAG does not have any paid staff and all donations and fees go to our foster pets' expenses and our other programs.

If you'd like to see our pets available for adoption, check out our Available Pets page. If you have any questions about adopting a pet from Walton Animal Guild, please call (770) 207-1896 or email wagwalton@yahoo.com

A WAG foster finds his forever family!



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